The science of geomarketing can point you towards optimal risk-free geographic growth in developing your business. 

Geomarketing has existed as a science for merely 25 years. Even today, few companies fully and effectively take advantage of its vast potential, often due to lack of knowledge and expertise.  > READ MORE

Add the micro-marketing dimension to your strategic planning and increase your profitability. 

More sales, bigger market share.

What will your business growth be attributable to over the next few years? The strategic launch of new points of sale? The relocation of underperforming units? The rationalization of your entire network or the closing of unproductive sites?  > READ MORE

Decision making made easier. 

How do you find your bearings in the flood of market information that is available to you? Which significant variables should you take into consideration when planning your company’s growth? Is it wiser to open a new location in this or that particular market? > READ MORE

Minimise risks 

At Indicia, minimizing risk can take several forms. Areas where taking action is possible include: forecasting the sales volume of new sites; identifying the potential of different business lines on a local basis; > READ MORE



Traps to avoid when building a sales forecasting model Over the past year, we have encountered several companies that have been unable to build effective sales ... > read more...

Geomarketing in Russia! The Center for Spatial Research announced that they are now opened for business for Western companies see... > read more...

A rare positive feedback in Geomarketing I was having lunch early this week with a client.  A manufacturer of household goods sold through Wal-Ma... > read more...

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