The Indicia methodology - Retail and services


The Indicia methodology applies fundamentally retailers and service providers like franchisors and restaurants.  It consists of 13 complementary steps, each as important as the other. The methodology, developed over the past 15 years, has been used on more than 1,000 projects for hundreds of clients in Canada and the United States.

The Indicia methodology consists in a series of stages aimed at collecting geographical information, determining the size of commercial zones, assessing the overall market, defining the customer profile and establishing the business rules that underlie and drive the solid performance of your points of sale. In addition, the method provides market optimization and sales forecasting models, as well as a custom built application.

Indicia is the only company that uses a time-tested technology for creating extensive lists of a company`s competitors, as well as traffic generators and points of interest. This technology, called “WebSpy”, allows Indicia to create files that encompass 95% of the relevant companies. These files can also include product lines, brands or services available at a competitor`s various points of sale.


1. Global Market Size Definition

2. Allocation of the Global Market

3. Trade Areas and Customer Origin

4. Market penetration and Customer Profiling

5. Store Characteristics

6. Traffic Generators

7. Competition Assessment

8. Business Rules Definition

9. Market Optimization and Gap Analysis

10. Opportunities Ranking

11. Sales Forecasting Models

12. Online Decision Support System

13. Updating and Maintenance