Data speaks volumes. And to the rare and valuable trained ears of companies like Indicia who know how to pay attention, it can also speak growth, opportunity and profitability. 

The field of fact-based marketing and all its various components is a highly accurate and meticulously researched science requiring both well-honed skills and an ability to see - and foresee - the big picture. It is a science that the experts at Indicia have been mastering for over 15 years.

The core of Indicia's expertise is defined by a symbiotic relationship between data dissection and corporate optimization, market and marketing, and knowledge and growth. Built around that core are four key dimensions encompassing the entire range of Indicia's multifaceted and ultra-specialized services, namely:

•    Information gathering: literally thousands of variables, statistics and other key data on the market, the customers, the competition and the various geographical territories are compiled, mined and analyzed, and become a highly reliable and solid foundation on which to develop and implement corporate strategies.

•    Descriptive analyses: customer profiling and segmentation, identification of commercial zones, analysis of store performance and potential profitability - a well-researched companion to sound decision making.

•    Explanatory analyses: not just an overview, but a detailed assessment of market conditions in a specific area, including key factors that explain a particular store's performance, optimized market penetration and sites with the highest potential for success.

•    Predictive analyses: planning the future with much accuracy is a cornerstone of Indicia's success and reputation. Identifying future clients, forecasting the results of an eventual direct marketing initiative, determining who will buy new products in which new stores - Indicia has replaced the crystal ball with solidly backed up, highly reliable and actually verifiable proof.

And while Indicia's success as a master of growth has been proven many times and benefitted many clients over the years, the very nature of fact-based marketing and its data-centric approach makes it difficult to share actual accomplishments and results for our clients without revealing confidential and sensitive information.

Yet even without actual company names or specific details, the following extensive list of areas where we have applied our expertise, and the numerous services we have provided in each case, attest to Indicia's unique adaptability to any field, company, requirement or challenge.


Information gathering


Descriptive analyses


Explanatory analyses



Predictive analyses