Add the micro-marketing dimension to your strategic planning and increase your profitability. 


More sales, bigger market share.

What will your business growth be attributable to over the next few years? The strategic launch of new points of sale? The relocation of underperforming units? The rationalization of your entire network or the closing of unproductive sites? Indicia will provide an in-depth assessment of the size of the local market in each city, district or street across North America. Such a process will enable you to determine your local market share and measure with precision the performance of each individual site. This in turn will drive specific actions for each site in operation: closing, relocation, renovation, diversification of the offer, inventory adjustment or targeted direct marketing.

Where are your best opportunities for growth located? Which sectors are significantly lagging behind in terms of their potential market and, more importantly, with regard to your own geographic performance thresholds as defined by Indicia? Indicia can trace a path that will help you build toward an optimal coverage of the North American market.